About ChessCluster

How does it work?

ChessCluster LLC, the company behind ChessCluster.com, developed a technology that distributes computations among many computers.

Thousands of processor cores can be assigned to chess position analysis at once. The resulting analysis is deeper and it's delivered faster than one performed by a single PC computer.

Why ChessCluster?

Key advantages of ChessCluster:

  • Always ready
    No need to schedule or plan ahead. You can use the cluster anytime. The supercomputer is usually available within one from placing the order.
  • Scalable
    Any number of processor cores can be used for the analysis, depending only upon the amount of money the customer decided to invest. For example, you can order a single core or 2048 cores.
  • Hourly billing
    Pay only for the time you actually use the cluster. There is no need to rent it for the period of days.
  • Easy to access
    You don't have to pay thousands of dollars in advance to use ChessCluster. If you want to use the cluster just for one hour - you can pay just for that one hour and nothing more.
  • Fully automated
    Orders and payments are fully automated, can be placed through the web control panel. No need to talk to anyone or wait. You are the one in control. However, our technical support is also available in case it's needed.
  • Secure
    We use a safe, encrypted connection (https) between the client and the cluster, and also within the control panel. There is no risk of third parties intercepting the data. The client application used to connect to the ChessCluster service is an open source software - its full source code is freely available.
  • Anonymous
    You don't have to disclose your identity to us.
  • Confidential
    Data being generated through the analysis process is the client's sole property. We don't use it in any other way or disclose it to any third parties. You can keep your analysis data on our servers to have a secure backup or you can delete it from our servers and it shall be gone forever.
  • Easy to use
    ChessCluster Client appears as a standard UCI engine. It can be used within any GUI application that supports UCI protocol (like Arena, Aquarium, Chess Assistant, ChessBase, etc.).
  • Special payment plans
    We also offer a possiblity to create permanent custom clusters with monthly billing.
  • Free trial
    We can arrange a possibility of free tests for the well known Chess Grandmasters.